Spring has arrived in Korea

Spring has arrived in Korea

Spring has arrived in Korea, and as we enjoy the warm weather and flowers blooming, our furry friends are also eager to go outside and explore nature. However, it’s essential to prioritize our pets’ health and well-being.

One effective way to monitor our pets’ health is through the use of biosignal monitoring technology. By tracking parameters such as heart rate, temperature, and respiration, we can quickly identify any abnormalities and take appropriate action.

For example, young dogs such as Baekseol, which are raised in OpenBio, need to walk frequently, but excessive activity can lead to muscle or bone damage. By monitoring biosignals, you can figure out the proper amount of exercise and maintain healthy exercise habits.

Moreover, biosignal monitoring technology can help prevent and diagnose diseases early.

If the pet’s heart rate, body temperature, and breathing are out of the normal range, a warning alert will be issued immediately, allowing the owner to take action. This technology is still relatively expensive, but as pet owners’ interest in their pets’ health increases, it is expected to become more widely available.

For your information, Baekseol is a dog raised by OpenBio. Our company is also focusing on developing products for the health of pets. Our team is currently developing a biosignal monitoring-based pet health management product that will soon be available in the market. This product will help pet owners systematically manage their pets’ health and facilitate communication between owners and pets.

In conclusion, in the season of spring, let’s try to raise healthy companion animals. Also, please look forward to “CirCle”, a companion animal health care product being developed by OpenBio.

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